Does a Hosting location matter? East coast Vs. West Coast?

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So I have a question. Latency is the devil when it comes to internet speed. There is only so much you can do with Physics ya know...


So my question is, if I am going to build a website for my customer who already has a lot of traffic, should I look for a hosting provider which is on the west coast, central US or east coast? My thoughts are this:


West coast would be good for yeah, the west coast and Asia Pacific


Central in Chicago or Dallas would be great for people on either coast of the USA and closer to the UK and Europe also.


East coast would be slow for the western world yet faster for central, east coast and europe...


Thoughts? Do any of you think about this when building a site? Should I worry about it? The reason I ask is because Dreamhost and Mediatemple are both in California however sites like is located in Toronto Canada which is on the East coast....



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I personally think the location of the hosting provide does make a difference... That is unless you use a CDN to host your data around the globe:


However for most sites, you are probably not going to be using a CDN so location is important. Well... important but not the MOSt important. The most importing is to have good strong content. Period.


If you have that, everything else will come in line and as the traffic grows, you should then focus on a good CDN and SEO strategy.


Hope that helps.

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