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Wierd Windows 7 Error

Guest Quafe24

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Guest Quafe24

I'm getting this weird error security warning window pop every time I try to open up a program. It's happening to nearly every program.




It didn't start until I followed this guide: http://www.groovypost.com/howto/microso ... windows-7/


It doesn't happen to new programs I've installed since then, but it seems that it reset all of my already installed programs or something. Maybe it made winodws think they are web links? Not really sure.

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Are you sure you didn't change more of the registry than the how-to called for? It looks like a registry permissions error. Although I'm not sure how to explain that it is intermittent without some more information.


Does this happen with all programs? Even Microsoft ones? Which programs does it not happen with and when were those installed?

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Finally, was able to get rid of those pop-ups.

Was the last place I would expect to look - Internet Explorer


Went to:


Internet Options > Security > Custom Level > Misc section

then I set Launching Applications and unsafe files to Enable.


All the pop-ups went away.

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lol... that's not an error

your system is telling u that a program with an unknown publisher is trying to open...

it's not just a w7 thing... all OS(windows)

and not just for unknown publishers... just every file! (mostly portables)

it's perfectly normal!

but i would recommend leaving it!

you dnt know when an unwanted program will open on it's own. will save lives(of the computer xD)

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