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lost window off screen

Guest dave2800

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Guest dave2800

I am running photo editing program from Canon called ZoomBrowserEX v4.6. I use it mainly to edit my RAW picture files. I went to use it yesterday and when I clicked on "Show Image Quality Adjustment Window" it seems to have gone off the screen somewhere and I can't find it.


When you run the program and open any of the editing adjustments in this program which include Navigator, Histogram, Image Quality Adjustment Window and Image Properties Window they pop up onto of the program as a separate window.


I can click on the other three items "Show Navigator", "Show Histogram" and "Show Image Properties Window" and they all appear in the screen but the "Show Image Quality Adjustment Window" is not visible.


I have tried deleting the program completely and re-installing it and the same thing happens. I am pretty sure it is off the screen somewhere but there doesn't seem to be a way to get it back. I have even tried resizing the screen display in hopes of finding it with no luck.


Is there a file in windows that tells it where to place this program popup?


I have attached a screen shot of how it looks on my screen. You can see the drop down menu in the view section.


Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.



Here is a larger screenshot


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OK I have another option. But im kinda sucky at pro english, so bare with me.


Windows has got an option in wich you can tell the mouse pointer that it has to move to the active window. If you go to Configuration Screen (or how do you call it in english?) and select Mouse. Then go to the tab with options for the mouse pointerthingy. There you can select "move to the standard button" or something like that. (understand when i said i kinda suck at english?) if you crossed the box for the option, click okokidokie and then select the windows that out of screen. If all went correct, the mouse should have moved out of screen to that window you lost. Now all you have to do (i think) is click and hold the left mouse button and drag the mouse till the window appears on screen.


This is a screenshot I took. Its in Dutch ofc but I think you understand what I mean.

http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/Gj ... directlink


Its tricky... but it might just work.

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- Open the window that's offscreen

- Press "Alt & Space"

- Press "M"

- Use your arrow keys to move the Window

- Press Enter when done


I'm 100% sure this will work!


Edit: Hey, wait, you don't need the arrow keys - you can just tap an arrow key once and then move with the mouse. Click when done.

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Guest dave2800


I did as you suggested thinking you may be on to something. As is my luck it didn't work. As you can see in the screen capture the Navigator, Histogram, and Image Properties Windows pop up on top of the program as a separate window. The Image Quality Adjustment Window should be up on top as well but is nowhere to be found.



I have the disk to re-install the program and have tried that twice and it re-installed the program but the Image Quality Adjustment Window is still off the screen somewhere. I am going to try as you suggested in getting rid of all the temporary files. Are there any particular files I need to be looking for when I do the un-install?


I have this program on my old computer but it is way to slow to process RAW images. I am attaching two screen shots of the program. The first is how it looks on my newer computer in which the one popup is missing. The second screen shot is from my old computer which shows the Image Quality Adjustment Window popup that I am missing on this computer.


Current computer Screenshot taken this morning



Old computer screenshot taken on my old computer





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Guest dave2800

I have re-installed the program and that window is still off the screen somewhere. I am totally frustrated and at a loss as to how to get it back. I changed my screen display to 1280x1024 and when I start the Raw editor I can see the missing window pop up on the screen for a split second and then disappear.

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