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.pst files stored on a home drive

Guest zoro

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have 500MB .pst stored on home drive. now I need to have these pst linked with the new user profile I just created. I tried couple of solutions but no luck. sometimes the folder report as empty when dragging it to local user pc. Any Ideas???

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Hi Zoro,


Are you running Outlook 2000, 2003 or Outlook 2007?


Honestly, should be simple problem to fix. Mrgroove recently explained this here: microsoft-office/how-to-recover-email-from-computer-crash-t95516.html#p95538


Take a look. It explains the step by step to import a .PST file into Outlook. In Summary however:


(outlook 2007 steps but should be similar in outlook 2003)

1. Open outlook 
2. Click File - Open - Outlook Data File
a. This should open a browse window. Navigate to the location of your old PST files
3. When you find your .PST file, Click it then Click OK in Browse Window
4. This should open the .PST file into your current Outlook Profile and it should show up on the LEFT side of your Outlook Windows UNDER our Mailbox. The .PST file is usually named the same thing as your INBOX.


Try out these steps and report back here if it fixes it for you.


Thanks man and welcome to the groovy site!

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Hi Zoro and Welcome to the site!


Shocker got it right. Just 1 thing to note.


I assume your Home Drive is on the Server right? So you will be connecting to it over the network? If this is the case, if the network goes down or the server goes down, you will lose access to the .PST file until they come back online. Now granted, this is probably a RARE situation however, if your computer is a Notebook/Laptop and you unplug it from the network you will also lose access to the .PST file until you connect again to a network that allows you to access the Home Directory (Direct connect or via a VPN connection).


With that in mind, you can copy the .PST file from your Home Dir to your local Hard Drive but, be aware at that point if your local HD dies, so will the .PST file UNLESS you back it up regularly to the Home Dir.


Just a few things to keep in mind.


Personally, I keep all my .PST files local and 1x a month I copy them up to my Server for safe keeping. My Server is also backed up onto tape so this ensures that I'll never lose more than 30 days of email copied to my .PST file.



Hope this helps!

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