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Outlook issues with GMAIL and Deferrals

Steve Krause

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Question from Reader


@ MrGroove …I m just telling you my whole working and problem i m getting …


Issue 1. At my home PC, I configured gmail on my Outlook able to get all mail (inbox, sent, draft) of my Gmail account to Outlooks Inbox not in respective folders.


Issue 2. While sending mail from outlook (where gmail is configured) with option “DO not deliver before” i m unable to close the outlook (means outlook should be open when sending mail with this option).


Issue 3. On PC 1, I do all above 2 steps, now on my another Home PC (PC2) i would like to configure same gmail account in outlook, but here unable to get all mails just get new mails no old mails which are still available on gmail.


#1 - Did you follow my step-by-step instructions here: How-To Configure Outlook to use GMAIL via iMAP? This article is a simple step-by-step for setting up Outlook and GMAIL. Take a look and let me know if your good.


#2 - That's by design. If you want to defer the delivery of an email using Outlook and GMAIL, you need to leave Outlook open or it will not be delivered. The only way around this that I know of is to use Microsoft Exchange as the backend Mail server then turn off Cache Mode.


#3 - If you follow the link I provided above in #1, iMAP will allow you to download the GMAIL email to any computer that has Outlook. If however you used a different process specifically POP mail, that will download all the mail to a single computer and delete it from your GMAIL account. I do not recommend you do that....


If you did download email using POP mail on PC #1 and you want the mail on PC #2, my recommendation is that you reconfigure Outlook on PC #1 and PC #2 using the Link above (http://groovypost.com/tiny/699). Once IMAP is enabled in Outlook copy the mail back up to Google and it should then be available again on all your computers.


Keep us updated here on the status!

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