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Hello Everybody,

I am facing some problem while Syncing iPhone/iPod Touch Calendar and Contacts with Exchange server.

While creating/editing contacts and editing calendar items, for each field (e.g. First Name, Last Name, Email) it is syncing back to Exchange server (visible from the activity spinner at status bar of ipod). I need it to sync only one time with all the fields when pressed on final "Done".

I am a software developer, and working on a client requirement.

Eagerly waiting for your reply.


Warm Regards


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Thanks for response Vadim.

You are correct, turning off the wi-fi will solve the issue. But according to my requirement it is not possible to ask end user to follow that. If in iPod itself i can find any settings which will take care of this field by field sink, that would have of much help.

Note: I was doing fine with my old version of 2.0, but after updating to 3.1 this field field syncing came into picture.

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Tested this with my iPhone. Here's what I found.


1 - Created a new contact.

a - Entered first, last and company

b - Clicked Save

Company Exchange Outlook Updated


2 -

a - Added Mobile number

b - Clicked Save

Company Exchange Outlook Updated


Wow... I had no idea it was updating on the FLY. That's suprising....


I tried to keep this from happening by turning off "PUSH" under the Mail settings however even this didn't fix it.


My guess is your out of luck. Sorry man.

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I think syncing does gets very tricky when we have to sync more than one device. We are more vurnerable to loosing data or erasing it unnecesarily. So one needs to be extra careful in this respect and lets hope Apple comes up with a better and easier solution to access iTunes because with time it is going to get more complicated. As more and more devices and apps are added up in Apple's family

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