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This morning I was trying to gauge how fast my Dreamhost site was so I looked around and found a few good sites for monitoring site performance.


Here's what I found:



Probably my favorite free online website test. These guys Perform a fairly comprehensive test against against your site and give you both the size, type and comments for each page or object. Very cool stuff. At the end they also give you an Analysis and Recommendations for your Html, Images, CSS etc... on how to improve performance. Pretty cool stuff. Like I said, not only is it free but it's also comprehensive.



These guys are pretty good. They have 2 or 3 free Tools to run test against your site.

Free Instant Test for performance

Free Hourly Web Monitoring w/email and SMS alert

They also measure how long it takes pages to load etc... All in all, not bad.


Pingdom Tools

Pingdom has 2 tests, Pull Page performance Test and Ping / Traceroute. It also measures how long it takes easy component of your page to load. Not to bad overall.



SelfSEO is a VERY basic Speed test for a website. It gives you page size, load time and speed per KB. The most helpful thing about these guys is the easy page size check and you can list more than 1 site at a time.


Load Impact

LoadImpact performs free load tests. Not bad. It has a nice interface also for the free test.


That's what I've tested so far. I did however find a pretty huge list of tools at SoftwareQATest.com. The list was pretty long packed with both Free and Pay tools.


Anyway, just wanted to kick off the discussion on this. What free tools do you guys use to monitor and load test your sites?



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