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Microsoft Office Genuine Advantage Notices


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Now here is one for you. I most definitely are not using pirated software! I have never since i bought my Dell and all the 2007 MS software ever had any of these notifications. Recently when i installed my Microsoft Security Essentials software my system was checked and it passed! Now i am getting very annoying notifications that my different office products including Outlook are not genuine. :evil:

Why :?: is this happening



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Did the dell come with the software pre-installed?


Dell is actually having an issue with this right now and you'll need to contact them or microsoft to get it fixed.



Otherwise there are 2 possibilites:


1. Your Windows installation is real, but your office software isn't genuine.


2. You have spyware pretending to be a genuine notificiation.


Run anti-virus and spyware checkers if you are unsure. Try running a check again on windows update site and see what it says.

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Hi Carl,


Additionally, it appears that yes it could have been the Security Essentials AV from Microsoft but it could have also been a recent Windows update you applied IE: KB949810


Here's a few links on the subject however the general theme appears to be the key used to install the software was either 1: Generated using a keygen, 2: A volume license key which has been reported stolen or 3: Issue with the OEM you purchaed the software/PC from.






Workaround (not that I would recommend this...)



Keep us updated on your findings!

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:lol::lol::lol: Props Mr. Groove!!!!!!! I decided to go the "work around" route after failing to get any sense out of the online DELL assistance :evil: . I am now clean as a whistle 8) . No more annoying messages nor the notification in the tool bar on all my Office products. I followed the easy route and installed the dat.file that completely does the whole trick. It can be downloaded here and Props to the originator! :arrow:http://depositfiles.com/en/files/l4w52gsjv

:!: Best to visit the site here first... :arrow:http://www.mydigitallife.info/2009/10/1 ... installer/

:!::!::!: How ever i did the following first.

1) Did a complete back up on a external drive.

2) Set a system restore point just prior to running the file.


:arrow: Best of all it took seconds and was done! Thank you again. By the way. I bloody well paid real money for my soft ware ,have the receipt, the original copies and product codes. I think there is a :twisted: snake in the MS office's, sorry mean the grass.. :):roll:

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