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Starfield...love it, hate it, meh?

Jeff Butts

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So, I only recently got back into console gaming. Bought an Xbox Series S a couple of months ago, the first console I've owned since 2015.

Just in time, too...as Bethesda released Starfield. Even better, it's on Xbox Game Pass, so I don't have to pay anything extra for it!

I'm loving the game, mostly. enjoying the many possibilities throughout the galaxy. I do wish some of the NPCs had more random statements to make, though...if I hear one more Crimson Fleet Flayer tell me I'd be dead already if I weren't in the fleet, I might just do a Quicksave and go on a rampage.

Any other Starfield players in the forums? What do y'all think of it so far?

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36 minutes ago, shockersh said:

ahh... I didn't realize it was a Game pass game. I'll have to give it a shot. Is it a fast-paced game?

Yes and no...the combat scenes can get hairy, but the game as a whole is a long one. There's a whole galaxy to explore, lots of different activities you can get involved in...mining, crafting, pirating, etc. There are several quest lines, from the main quest and various faction quests to side quests and jobs. I think I've racked up just more than 6 days of play time, and still have plenty to explore.

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