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How can I send a web page to a friend on outlook.com?

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Big problem trying to send a web page! IE10, win7. I have a new outlook account and others tell me to go to Actions, don't have that. Tools, options, OTHER. Don't have other. There must be a way other than copy and paste!


When you say "Sending a web page" what do you mean exactly? Are you trying to send an entire web page or just a hyperlink?

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The big problem is that Outlook.com webmail is an email service not an email client and it cannot be set as your default mail program which greatly reduces functionality.

The only way to get round this is to use an email client like Outlook or Thunderbird to download your email from the Outlook.com website. This is also what Microsoft advise although they may suggest using windows live mail as a free email client which IMO is not as good as Thunderbird which is also free.

You can then set your chosen email client as the default email program for windows 7.

Once you have done that, sending a webpage or link from within IE is done by clicking File > Send and choosing “Page by e-mail” or “link by e-mail”. (see Image)

If the file menu is not displayed in IE then right click the top of the IE screen and check the box that says “Menu Bar”

As well as sending webpages and links, you will also be able to right click images and choose “Email Picture”

When you click an email address in IE or a document your email program will open automatically with the email address in the “To” field, ready for you to type your message.

alt text

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