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HiI've been a subscriber for a while but every time I open your newsletter in my email I get asked to subscribe again!Don't say I should keep the cookie please - I need to delete cookies regularly as part of general cleanup.Please help me not get annoyed with your great newsletter by not always popping up and requiring me to respond instead of read.Thanks

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The groovypost website and many other sites get around your pop up blocker by running Javascript in your browser to create the subscribe to newsletter pop up.

You don’t say which browser you are using so in general.

You can stop these type of pop ups by disabling JavaScript from running in your browser. However that would render some websites unusable and severely limit the functionality of others.

A better solution would be to leave JavaScript enabled but add Groovypost.com as an exception so your browser just blocks Groovypost.com from running JavaScript.

This is still not a perfect solution because some of the Groovypost website relies on JavaScript to display correctly. So you will need to see which is best for you, having the pages displayed as they are intended to be or banning the pop ups.

There are also pop up blocker add ons / extensions which will block pop ups created with JavaScript but again these are not perfect and can cause more trouble than they are worth by preventing new windows opening for things such as payment screens and on-line forms.

In the end its probably easier to just close the pop up subscription window and instead of getting annoyed, remember that the site and newsletter are free along with all the knowledge and advice that it contains.

Closing a pop up window is a small price to pay for what you get IMO.

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