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Is it possible for my website being kicked off by the search engines?

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Yes it is! Google will kick you off their search engine for a number of reasons. Mainly being:

  • Stolen / copy pasta'd content from other websites. If your site contains mostly plagiarized content Google won't be happy about it.
  • Copyrighted materials. This is a more recent change, but Google is blocking sites that share copyrighted content.
  • Aggregation sites - if you run a blog that just pulls in feeds from other sites, Google will probably block you.
  • Automated sites - Google isn't too fond of sites where all of the content is automated and entered by robots / scripts.
  • Keyword stuffing - Google really, really hates this. This involves just posting pages of text with search-friendly keywords with little actual real content. The same goes for real content with invisible keywords hidden via small or white text.
  • Duplicate content - if you have duplicate pages, or duplicate websites, say goodbye to google.
  • Link chaining or link looping / spamming - you've probably heard of "mutual links" or "affiliate links" etc.. Google will punish you for artificially inseminating the internet with spam links to your website or on your website. The same goes if your website is nothing more than a farm of paid for links to other websites.
  • Inflated viewership bots - This involves hiring an "SEO" firm to raise your views "magically". This usually involves tricking users into visiting your site, or having automated computer farms visit your site. Google will know that you are doing this, and punish you for it.

Other search engines are likely to follow the same guidelines, but currently the only one that really matters is Google as it retains 85% of all internet search traffic.

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