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Need Of SSL Certificate


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We don’t know anything about your business so it’s impossible to give a specific answer to your question.

In general if your customers are entering their credit / debit card details on your website then you will need to secure that information. You can do this with SSL or you could pass your customers on to a third party processing website like Paypal where they securely take the payments.

Only you can decide which one suits your business because we don’t have the information to make an informed decision.

As for a SSL Certificate helping your site, it might do and it might not but again we don't have the information to say either way.

The answer from julieandrews states that a SSL certificate will gain customers trust. Unfortunately this is basically some text copy and pasted from another website trying to sell SSL Certificates, basically an advertisement for comodo’s instant SSL.

The truth is that having a SSL certificate wont necessarily make your customers trust you any more than they do now. I know of many e-commerce websites that use SSL certificates but I would not trust or buy from them.

You should also be aware that comodo's instant SSL is not the only genuine one. There are others for example Verisign and Geotrust. You should look at what each one offers and choose what is best for your specific business needs.

You could also speak to the person who made your website and or the company who hosts it. Maybe they can help.

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Why we need ssl certificate,will it help my e-commerce site if yes then which is the genuine certificate provider?


Most people use SSL only for Login and Shopping Cart purchases when they send you their credit card.

If you don't understand these basics, you should probably hire someone to assist with your e-commerce site or hire a 3rd party shopping cart service to offload this from your normal site.

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