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how to add a second mailbox to office 2007

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I have followed your directions on how to do this but I have no "add" tab after I click the advanced tab. All "advanced" gets me is server port settings. Do I have a different version of office 2007? Please help. Your directions were very clear and precise.Thank you,Don W.

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The add button for adding a second mailbox will only be there if you are using an exchange server for your email.

The server port settings sounds like you might be downloading email from a pop3 account. Does the server port settings dialogue look like this.

alt text

Whatever you want to do Outlook will almost certainly do it, so can you explain more about what you mean by adding a second mailbox. This will help us understand exactly what you are trying to achieve, then we can give you instructions on how to accomplish the task.

It will be useful to know what type of email you are using pop3, IMAP etc.

Rather than add a second mailbox, Is it that you want to add a second email account to Outlook e.g. you have a second pop3 email account that want to use outlook to download emails from.


Do you have a pop 3 email account ie. Primaryemail@yourdomain.com and you want to add another email account to that i.e. secondaryemail@yourdomain.com

Are you wanting to download webmail such as Hotmail or yahoomail into outlook.

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@Steve Iv'e seen your excellent guide to adding a second mailbox but as I understand it Don is saying that after following your directions there isn't an add tab.

When using Outlook at home e.g. for pop 3 email, following your instructions would get you to the server port numbers dialogue as in the image I uploaded.

I am guessing this is what is happening here as I don't know of any other reason for the add tab not to be there. Don might be confusing adding a second mailbox with adding another email account to Outlook but unsure until Don writes back ??????

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