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How to Factory Reset Spice Android Phone: Model: Mi-270


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My complaint is this:My Spice Mobile Phones with...Model: Mi-270 GSM Mobile Handset;IMEI 1: 911108400152186;IMEI 2: 911108400204789;S/N: UNIMI-27011060009694.Displayed this error message: "The application Android Windows7 (process App. AndroidWindows7) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again."And this has prevented me from accessing the phone's Menu and Settings. I can only access my contacts and can also dial number. Do you know the Hard Reset or Factory Reset Dial Code I can use to "Hard Reset" my Spice phone? I'll appreciate it so much if you can help me get it. Or any other possible solutions to this will be welcomed.Urgently Looking forward to your positive response to my dear request.Thanks in anticipation.I love this GroovyPost.com.You're blessed in Jesus name. AMEN.

My Name: Emmanuel Kayode Oluwayemi,Email: kaycious2004@gmail.com,GSM: +2348099213188,Country: Lagos, Nigeria.

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Since you are getting an error "The application Android Windows7 (process App. AndroidWindows7) has stopped unexpectedly:, I believe you are using a custom launcher which may be unstable. If you haven't tried it yet, press the home button on your device and (unless the Windows7 Launcher is set by default) click on the stock Android launcher that came on the device. From there you should be able to go into the settings again.

You can also try plugging the phone into any computer via USB - in order to access the mass storage, some applications are force closed, which may temporarily help you to access the settings and do a reset from there.

As for a dial number for resetting - I don't think your device has one. From here on your best choice would be to flash a new ROM, but it would be best to just return the phone to wherever you bought it from and have it repaired if it is still in warranty.

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