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Hacked Hotmail Account

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My hotmail account was recently hacked and an email was sent to all my contacts telling them that I was in Europe and in need of $2000.00.

I alerted my contacts as soon as my daughter called me about it. However, my entire account is in Arabic now. When I click translate, it does not translate EVERYTHING back into English. I want to just delete the entire account, but can't figure out where to click because the places I NEED to click on are still in Arabic!!!!

Is there another way?

I asked one of our tech guys here at work and the best he could offer me is that he has a trusted friend who knows Arabic and he can ask him to try getting everything back into English so I can delete the account permanently.

Anyone know how I can take care of this myself?

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In the Windows Live window, click on your name. In the menu that opens, click the 4th command which is ACCOUNT.

This screenshot should help you find what you need to close this account.


The close account command is the 6th one down at the bottom of the screen.


Don't forget to change the password to the account and change the password to ALL your accounts at this point which might have had a password similar to the one that got hacked.

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