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group Policy for windows 2008 server



I'm new to your community i want to implement group policy for users my domain controler is windows 2008 server. Please if any one can help me i will be very thankful.

Abdul Hannan

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HI Abdul,

This is not a simple question and could take hours to fully explain. I'll do my best to explain the basics.

If you have a network setup and you've created a windows active directory domain, you are half way there. Next you need to create all your users accounts and then join all your workstations on your network to this new Windows domain.

Once that is all done you need to begin building OU's (Organizational Units) to place both your PC's and Servers into and more OU's for your users. Some people build OU's based on location and others do it based on their users (Sales, Accounting etc..). Basically OU's allow you to group your users and computers into an organized fashion so you can later apply policy to them more easily.

Last step is to begin building Group Policy Objects. That is a very long and detailed discussion and it would be well worth your while if you go to Amazon and buy a good on Administering Windows Domains w/Server 2008.

This should get you started.


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