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How save emails under the senders email address in Outlook?


I use the basic Outlook email format. Outlook once showed a list of persons I most emailed. This list was shown on the left side of the page. To save an email, one only need click on the email and drag it to the persons name on the list and it was saved. I could access the items I saved just by clicking on the persons name.I can't figure out how to do this now as the only list that shows is the Chat list????

Thank you for your assistance,Karl

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Create a folder for the person's name - then simply move the email to that folder - you will be able to click on the person's name for the email address at any point in the future (right click). Unless you are trying to save emails from hundreds of people individually - it only takes a few minutes to set up the folders. You can either move them individually yourself, or you can create a filter that will automatically send them from the inbox to the folder created for that person.

These links will help you set them up.

~ Hope this solves your problem! ~ Nauti

My answer got censored a few minutes ago as being spam - I'm assuming this is because I enclosed the links for 2 websites that would help you? Office.microsoft.com will have all the answers you need for the features. Sorry I was unable to provide you with the actual links to the answer - this site is strange!!

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