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  1. I asked the question due to advanced age and bad memory. It just now came to me. The answer is: When Outlook is open click on File (top left corner) and select and select Work Offline, then go to Outgoing mail and delete the message. Next and very important, Go back to File and Un-click Work Offline or all outgoing mail will remain in the Outbox! I wasted a lot of time before I realized how to solve that problem..good luck
  2. Have outlook and want to delete an email stuck in send. I show Offline at the bottom of the email page?h
  3. While browsing the site a message on my page stated, You have -3 reputation points. What does that mean?? Am I being drummed out of the corps?
  4. I use the basic Outlook email format. Outlook once showed a list of persons I most emailed. This list was shown on the left side of the page. To save an email, one only need click on the email and drag it to the persons name on the list and it was saved. I could access the items I saved just by clicking on the persons name.I can't figure out how to do this now as the only list that shows is the Chat list???? Thank you for your assistance,Karl
  5. Thank you very much. I am not as computer savvy as most so I feel a little embarrassed using this site and not being able to help others as much as you helped me. best to you.
  6. How do I add a photo to my profile. How do I access my Profile?Thanks Karl
  7. I have Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit on my computer. When I click on the Start Icon to search my computer for a specific item (Example: family birthday file) a complete listing of files relating to my search appears. After I select the file I am looking for only to find out it is not the correct one I attempt to return to the same list but it is no longer shown. I must retype my search item (Example: family birthday file) in the search field again to regain access to the file listings??? Is there a way to keep the original search data constant instead of having to start at step one every time to search for the same file??? This is such a waste of time. Yes I can cut and paste my original request so that I just paste each time I must continue with the same search for the correct file to show, but there must be a simpler way to save the original request until I no longer need it.Thank you for your helpKarl
  8. steve, thanks for the answer, I will continue to search, seem like a mass mailing program would be contained in Outlook. Again, thanks for your advice. Karl
  9. Hello,My hobby is photography. I would like to mail one photo a week to some of my contacts. I would like to predetermine which photo to use for a specific date, for a year ahead of time. Example. I want to email a photo of a rose on 11/6/2011, a mountain picture on 11/13/2011, a family picture on 11/20/2011 etc. This way I could select the group, the pictures and the email dates for a couple months into the future at one session. Outlook would than email my selections without weekly maintenance. Like a book of the month offerning, only photos instead. Thank you ahead of time.Karl
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