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  1. On the Facebook page you want to delete: go to your account settings (under the arrow in the upper right corner next to HOME) On the upper left corner, click on the SECURITY tab. On the very bottom of the page, click on "Deactivate Your Account" Facebook will permanently delete the account after 30 days.
  2. CCleaner doesn't remove programs unless it is instructed to, but as Dexter said - any and all of your "cleanings" are stored just for a situation like yours where you need to restore something (usually it's a change to the registry that was mistakenly deleted I find) but if it were by some slim chance caused by CCleaner, you can undo it. My money is on Norton however.
  3. When you are typing in your user name and the incorrect one appears, you should be able to delete that name by simply highlighting it completely and hitting the DEL button. After this, it should no longer appear in the list of autofills.
  4. I just tried do it with keyboard commands instead of right clicking and it worked fine pasting it into a Word Doc. Highlight the question as you normally would, then instead of right clicking the mouse to copy, use the keyboard command for copy (Ctrl + C) to copy it, then in your Word document, use the keyboard command for Paste (Ctrl + V) and it will paste exactly as it appears here on the forum.
  5. Create a folder for the person's name - then simply move the email to that folder - you will be able to click on the person's name for the email address at any point in the future (right click). Unless you are trying to save emails from hundreds of people individually - it only takes a few minutes to set up the folders. You can either move them individually yourself, or you can create a filter that will automatically send them from the inbox to the folder created for that person. These links will help you set them up. ~ Hope this solves your problem! ~ Nauti My answer got censored a few minutes ago as being spam - I'm assuming this is because I enclosed the links for 2 websites that would help you? Office.microsoft.com will have all the answers you need for the features. Sorry I was unable to provide you with the actual links to the answer - this site is strange!!
  6. As long as you are using a different email address (and I'm assuming you will make some sort of change in your name so it is not easily connected by people who can come to your new page) It sucks that FB is trying to make everyone use their real names on there, but you can find a way to work around it - just don't try to have the first and last names be something they will "censor" TECHNICALLY, if they were LOOKING, yes they could connect your new account to your old one be your ISP Number, but seriously - do you think FB checks this for every account created? No, they don't...... but can if it were necessary. (Tracing Pervs, Pedophiles, Stalkers etc) So unless you had trouble with your previous account and it is flagged, they will not be looking at your ISP and it is safe for you to create a new one.
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