I want to setup a game sever on my virtual server

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I am testing out how to use virtual server, its running Debian Linux.


It is not a very good virtual server, but i believe it may run a small 5 slot Garry's mod game server.




# 512 Mb RAM

# 20 GB Hard Disk

# Upto 4 IP Addresses

# 300 GB Bandwidth


I know you may think it wont run a game server very well, but I would still like to try.


I have webmin , virtualmin , apache, php , mysql and perl installed.


I am wanting to run a gameserver, but i have no idea at all how to install the game server, i do not know where to start.


Can you please help me?




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HI Chrisy & Welcome to the site!


Just a few questions as I'm not 100% clear what your doing yet.


I assume you have a Server from a host provider where you installed VirtualMin and Webmin. From there you installed the various modules (apache and mysql) via the VirtualMin interface?


Now I'm not familiar with the Garry's Mod game server but I assume it's just like any other web application or script. You should just follow the install instructions for it on a linux host and upload it and execute it.


Be sure all the firewall ports are open (for Amazon ec2 for instance).


Hope that helps ya out a bit....

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The install should not be any different that installing it on physical hardware.


Here's a youtube video which talks about the install of Webmin:


hope that helps

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