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Guest dewdiehl

I'm using Outlook 2007 with IMAP to gmail. My android phone is sync'd to gmail. I have two different email address (one personal and one work) forwarded to this gmail account. I have labels setup that put these emails into work or personal depending on what account they were received from. In gmail I have it set so when I reply to an email on my phone it uses the email address the message was original sent to instead of my gmail address. I would like Outlook to work this way automatically and I can't find a way to do it. I can type the email address that I want it to use before sending but that's another step that is easily forgotten.


Any suggestions to make this happen? I know I can change my email address under accounts to reflect whatever address I want but this is only good for one account.


Thanks in advance!!

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Just stop using Outlook.


You might think Im joking. But if Gmail is working for you, why not continue with that? Outlook is in this situation the strange duck in the pond, (Dutch saying, bad translation) so kick it out.


As sad as it is it's true. After I got Office 2010 I decided to give Outlook and OneNote a try after sticking with Word, PowerPoint and Excel for so long. So far I kind of like outlook, but HELL, when anyone does the slightest update to their e-mail service (like Yahoo! recently did) outlook always has these issues and most of the time you need to reconfigure thousands of mindnumbing settings. I am probably going to be ditching outlook in the near future... Oh well... I gave it a chance! :D

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