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PS2 turned off by itself

Guest gtyfajardo

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Guest gtyfajardo

I've been using my PS2 (slim) for 1 and a half years and it just happened to turn off by itself now. I was playing Suikoden and it turns off in the same part no matter how many times i play it. I thought that it just overheat so i stopped playing for 2 days. I played again and it still keeps stopping at the same part. So i thought that the CD might be the problem. I bought a new one(but still the same game) and it still keeps stopping at that exact part. So i tried playing that game on my cousin's PS2. It worked fine there so I'm thinking that my PS is the one with the problem, not the cd. I can't just borrow my cousin's PS forever so is there anyway to fix my PS2? Please help me. I wanna finish the freakin' game. :D

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Did you contact Sony? If yes, what did they say? Did you search the Playstation Forums? I did a quick google search and found several topics with this isseu. The best sollution I could find was dissconnecting the cooling fan and try playing without the fan. If the ps2 shuts down faster after disconnecting the fan, its overheating. A common problem with the Ps2 Slim.


http://community.us.playstation.com/thr ... 0&tstart=0

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I have this problem as well, the funny thing is it happens only on the newer games that push the PS2 graphics to its limits. What I recommend:

1. Breathe in, breathe out. It's just a game. Any progress lost can be recovered and saved again.

2. Disconnect the PS2 from the back power cord and remove everything - that's controllers and memory cards - if you have an EyeToy or a USB ThumbDrive you can leave those in.

3. Let the PS2 chill for about 15 minutes then try again.


If the above mentioned does not work, try to get it changed, refunded or repaired.

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