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Settlers of Catan - Wacka Flocka Sheep (No Hands Parody)


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All that grass, for them sheep. Quarrys full of ore, fields of golden wheat. No wood that's not good, you know I'd help you if I could. But I need some red Brick so if you got it trade it quick, now my resource stack is thick. Building cities things are great, when your rolling 6 or 8, but rolling 7 seals your fate. Tell my settler matt here I'm like yo, I need some sheep I'll give you wheat, he says no...


"I'll give you a wheat for a brick and a sheep.


Settle on this map!


Sammy get the game out

This board game is my jam


I'ma set it up

Matty get here when you can


Pick where you will settle

Pick the best spot that you can


And I'ma throw these dice

While we're all settling Cataaaaan


Girl, drop them dice and roll,

but don't let them fall on the floooooor.

All I wanna do is sit back and watch you move,

and we'll proceed to play Catan."

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