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what is CLOUD

Guest wumpabill39

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Guest wumpabill39

Hello all: I just got my new laptop with winds 7 pro and love it.

I have seen on tv and other ads about Cloud! So what is Cloud and what can it do for me. Were do you get Cloud.

I have 3 other computers but they have winds xp on them and this new laptop with the Winds 7 Pro,,I like to do photo work and video work so I was wondering if the cloud will help me ,in which way I do not know cause I do not know what cloud is all about.

I hope somebody out there can help on this issue



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Your pc has a hdd to store anything you want. Now imagine that storige being on the internet. So you can acces where ever you are, whenever you want. A good example would be Google Docs. Save it online and you can acces and edit the docs where ever you are, like on your Android phone.


Anonther example is Dropbox.com. Its a way to store anything you want, whenever you want and acces it whereever you want.


A cloud isnt the nas or server you got at home. A cloud is online, on the internet. It wont crash or get lost, like a nas or server does.


If you only want to work at photo's and vids, then i dont think the cloud can be of any help to you. Most of the time those files are big. Huge even. And editing those files while the files are online takes time to download and upload the files. Maybe its easier for you to buy a nas and hook it up to all your computers through your network. Make sure you buy one with 2 or 4 bays to be able to make copies of your work automaticly. The second disc in the second bay would be a exact copy of the first disc.

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A Nas is a Network Attached Storage. Its like your own external harddrive. But the difference is that you can put your nas in your network and all your computers can comunicate with it. I got this one from Synology http://www.google.com/images?hl=nl&q=Sy ... 00&bih=813


But there are smaller devices if you want. My gf has got one with just one bay/hdd. The good thing with synology nas is that you can do anything with it all at the same time. You can let it download torrents from the internet without one of the computers turned on. It has something called "Audiostation". That way you can play all the music that you want (as long its on the nas) through usb speakers that you can plug in to the nas. It also has a printerserver and you can host your own website on a Synology. Check out this vid from Synology.

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