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Office 2010 Professional Plus Won't Install


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I'm trying to install ProfessionalPlus on my desktop. I just installed a fresh copy of Windows 7 Ultimate on it so there aren't any custom modifications I made that could mess things up. Windows 7 does dual boot alongside Server 2008 though.


The installation file is a 700MB+ .exe - it starts out normal, and starts extracting the installation package. But then it just disappears once the extraction finishes, and I can't find any extracted files anywhere either.


I've tried it multiple times and using two different ProfessionalPlus.exe installation files (these are the official digitally distributed ones from Microsoft). I can understand that the files could be corrupted, but it installs just fine on my Windows 7 Home Edition laptop.


Any ideas anyone? I've Googled and Googled and Googled for a solution and found nothing useful. There are other people experiencing this problem they haven't been able to solve it either.

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Crud... I figured out the problem.


It's a 64-bit version of Office, and somehow I installed a 32bit version of Windows 7 Ultimate.



Now I need to reinstall Windows 7 as 64-bit, I wonder why the heck it didn't do that automatically. It's definitely a 64-bit system.

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