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iPhone 5 Launch Date and features Prediction

Guest Sarah Hastings

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Guest Sarah Hastings

We all know that iPhone 5 is bound to come...Let us list our expected date and features we seek in the new iPhone 5. What changes it should carry in comparason with iPhone 4 please share

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If Apple is smart, it doesnt release the iPhone. Its going to make a fool of itself by doing that if they still wont allow multitasking by 3rd party apps. Thats the biggest flaw of that whole iphone thingy and the fact they cant even produce a white version of a phone. I mean, several brands produce multiple devices that can run android. APPLE JUST 2!!! ffs. And both suck ass. Big time. Al those apps you have to pay for, losing connection if you grab it the wrong way. How stupid is that? Thats just wrong! You dont make a device that cant call if you grab it wrong! And just one provider? wtf? one provider with a shitty network? Well, thats over now here in Netherlands. We got 3 extra providers that offer the iPhone now. But still, the iphone sucks.


Android is the future. And Apple knows that. We all know that.

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