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SHould I install Thunderbird

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I hear good storys about Thunderbird from Mozilla. And Im at the point of installing it. But I was wondering if its something I should do. I have a Samsung Galaxy S. And ofcourse, I can check my Gmail with it anywhere anytime. And I got a favicon for Gmail in my Firefox, from Google Shortcuts (addon from Firefox). I never had a dedicated email program. Ive always used Hotmail (aaargh long live Gmail) and now Gmail. So I didnt need Outlook. But having a dedicated email program starts to look very handy. So I got a few questions to you Thunderbird users, just to be sure.


- If I import my gmail, does it also take all my contacts with it?

- If I change something on my emails or contacts, the changes are automaticly passed to my Gmail?

- All the filters Ive made in Gmail, do they work in Thunderbird?

- Same goes for all the labels ofcourse.

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