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Junk email filtering . . . ahhhhhh!


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I give up. I am running Outlook 2010 and I have 5 different domains email accounts hosted by google. They do very good junk email blocking, that I cannot turn off, so I DO NOT NEED any filtering locally whatsoever. I have "No Automatic Filtering" selected in Options, but it will not stop. I get probably 5% of my emails ending up in that goofy Junk folder. Please someone, help me stop filtering all together.


I did find a website that had a registry entry "DisableAntiSpam", but it does not work. Please there must be a way. I sometimes forget to check the junk folder to move the emails out and end up with 10 or 20 emails (that I needed sooner) in there. I have re-installed Office and verified updates, but this version of Outlook appears to have a life of its own, HELP


Jerry in KC

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There is an easy way for this. But it needs some work with every email you find in the spam box from Google, that you dont want there.


Short way:

- Mark the mail in the Gmail spam box, and click the option "Not Spam".


Long way:

1- In you Gmail go to Settings;

2- Click on the tab thats called "Filters";

3- Click on "Make new filter;

4- Fill in the blanks, the ones that matter. If mails from people contantly appear in the spam folder, then fill in there email adress. That should be it;

5- Click the "Test Search" button and see if it works. You can place the mails you are trying to filter, back to the spam folder, just to try this step;

6- Click "Next Step";

7- Mark the empty box before "Never send to Spam" and mark the box before "Also apply filter to..." If there showed up extra conversations in the window below.


Good Luck! Hope this helped.593948902b6ba_How-toGmailFilters3.jpg.7d60351ede29847c29ef0d2f9663ce6f.jpgFE2PSEXEC.png.5bd556992e4908fc24c984f24827eddd.png


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Maybe you didn't understand what I'm using and that is Outlook. The email that ends up in my junk folder made it past the google spam filter. I don't want a way to trick the filter from working, I just want a way to stop it from doing anything. I just don't know the proper thing to do to stop it via the program itself and doubt anyone on here will know, oh well . . .

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