how to fix corrupted MFT

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a harddisk can't be fixed by window itself, so what can I do?


it's a seperate HDD, diskmanagement did find the existence of the HDD but it's in fresh state that it actually contain data, but the window show it's "raw". the PC start to use chkdsk, but it's aborted, said it can't fix by itself, that the problem I encounter.



*** I have used testdisk and easy recover, however, as it take so long to analyste and so I aborted when it's running( when it spend over two and more hours.....).

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Well if the drive is raw and new, a format would fix that right up.


If it isn't a new drive, you can download a defragmenter that will clean up the MFT file. O&O Defragmenter is probably the best at that.

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it's not a new HDD, go straight, the MFT is corrupted, so how can I fix the problem?


1. chkdsk is aborted by itself. therefore, MFT haven't been solved

2. the diskmangement show the HDD is in raw state other than NFTS.

3. however, my PC couldnt' be access the hdd and it show the ????? damange etc word

4. it's used for media storage purpose, so no os or any software in the HDD.

5. the problem occur, it may be( as I didn't remember) due to I aborted incorrectly from using CCleaner to trace delete option ( that deleting MFT over a time or several from the option of the CCleaner)

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