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HP Photocrap C7280 (atten: Beyond_Life)

Guest Babs

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Hello there, Beyond_Life!


Thanks for jumping in on this issue of installing my HP Photosmart C7280 all-in-one on a Win 7 platform. I'm very sorry about this but there is no long-story-short here for I have been working on getting this printer installed for nearly two weeks now.


Upon doing my homework, I discovered there was a new software and driver download from HP. So I downloaded the new and "improved" version for Win7....which I assumed to be corrupt (for it would not NOT install) so I caved and ordered the CD. HP also has a Critical update for the scanner software available for download. Plus, HP no longer distributes or supports Photosmart Photo Essentials 3.5. Instead, they have a free download for their new Photo Creations program. Unfortunately, on the ordered CD, they are still distributing Photo Essentials 3.5 (isn't that wonderful?!). So the installation tries its best to install Essentials then, nearly immediately, gives a warning that the software for Essentials will be uninstalled at the end of the installation process.


Before receiving the Photosmart C7280 installation software and drivers CD, every attempt to install the downloaded software and drivers wirelessly failed miserably. After each failed attempt, I was forced to Restore my PC to an earlier set point....not a complete disaster but certainly a royal pain in the caboose!


Then last night, I decided, come hell or high water, I was going to get this printer installed! So I first removed any trace from previous installations HP Photosmart from the registry and every other hole in the wall where it was hiding. Then I turned off both my anti-virus and firewall. Began installing from the CD, ran into the Photo Essentials problem, but the remaining software and drivers did install....wirelessly....for the first time! After rebooting, I installed the critical scanner software update then rebooted again.


Upon reboot, I received the message, "0 bootable partition in table." At this point, there was no CD in the drive.


Ugh!!!!! Not again! But, yes! Another Restore was staring me in the face.


Once Restored and rebooted, all (well, not exactly ALL) traces of HP were wiped. So now I'm facing another attempt at installing again.....a task I am not at all looking forward to.


One other thing: once the installation was complete (before trying to install the critical scanner update), my printer display would not change menus. All it wanted was the insertion of a memory card....what the heck???? And the display would not be changed!


Any suggestion on how I might get this HP Photocrap C7280 installed without incident on my Windows 7 system, would be a gift beyond telling. Honestly, what little hair I have left, I actually need...lol! :)


Thanks for listening,


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Wich version of Win7 do you have? In some versions you can emulate XP. Maybe you can use the software then.


If that doesnt work, try installing the software on another pc. From a friend of college. If that doesnt work, burn it all in a big joyfull ritual. With music and candy. And friends ofc. But thats just obvious.


Oh and buy something from Canon or any other seller. HP just sucks balls big time.

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LOL! I so agree with you! HP? They're so far off my radar now, I wouldn't even buy printer ink from them...not when I can purchase it from a third party source for a fraction of the cost.


Anyway.....here I am - back after another clean install of Windows! And now that I positively know the culprit of all my crashes and Restores (PC Security Shield), I'm crossing my fingers that, with the replacement of ESET as my PC watchdog, I'll have a fighting chance of getting this printer installed. Of course, I'm not holding my breath.....but one can hope! :)


Cannon, you say? If this next attempt at installing this Photosmart fails, I'll give them a look!


Thanks for the advice and I'll let you know how things go! :)


Babs - Running Home Premium.

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I've moved this discussion on printers over to the General Geek forum under the heading "Brother all-in-one MFC-990CW." I'd sure appreciate any advice/opinions on this printer I'm considering.


Thanks so much!


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