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Mr. Grove....if you please;

In Thunderbird, middle gray section (From: Subject: To:), right pane, is there any way at all to get rid of this (to me) useless piece of real state? I've customized all the goodies (Reply, Forward....and such) to another location. And I thought, as you made our lives so much easier with the "mailnews.messages_display.disable_remote_images" to "true" thingie, you might have a geekster-type answer to this other bothersome issue in Thunderbird.


And while I'm here, please let me thank you for downgrading our irritation level with your help on the remote images situation in Thunderbird. Really! Thanks a million!




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Hi there, GroovinJackman!


Thanks for your solution! I'd really really love to try it but............since this latest install of Win 7, I cannot get Thunderbird to install properly. Oh, it installs....all looks well...then I open it....consistently in Safe Mode. No matter what I do...uninstall, clean every instance of the program from the registry and any other instance of Mozilla from my computer, the program, upon a clean install, always reverts back to opening in Safe Mode.


Some of the advice I've read has to do with the resolution of your display. Mine is set at 1920x1080. Same as it was when I was successfully using Thunderbird previously. I just can't figure it out. So I downloaded and installed Microsoft Live Mail.......ugh! What an ugly program!


Anyone know of a fix for Thunderbird opening in Safe Mode? If not, any suggestions on an alternative e-mail program?


Thanks!!! :)


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