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I find some add-in no longer use, right click there are something like "998A88A0-A355-809B-831C-B83A80000992", I compare with other add-in like anti-virus or others find that they all lisk the folder or the direction of the softwares, so I am confidecent that those were some leftout after I uninstall the software. so how can I delete it or remove it? will it slow down my IE if I didn't remve it? however, I really want to get rid of it..............


****************those leftout I couldn't get it disable by clicking the disable from IE menu. so how can I remve it

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that I find there may be some leftover or something which named as "a series number" like the top post content, I can't disble from IE setting. so what is it? how to disable it or completely remove it from IE add-in function

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