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Cannot clear cache in Firefox 3.0.4

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I read your response on Clearing Firefox Search History


http://www.groovypost.com/howto/firefox ... vate-data/


Still having issues though.


In the View History sidebar if I chose sort by Site it shows no data.


If I chose sort by Date or by Date & Site it shows lots of data.


The Most Visited and Last Visited sorts also show no data.


Also on the Navigation Toolbar the pull down Search History has 3 urls that also don't go away either when you do the Clear Private Data Tool or when you manually delete them?


Can't seem to figure out how to get rid of either of these problems.


Wondering if it is an issue with Firefox 3.04 which I had just recently downloads and have subsequently reinstalled twice since then.






Hi Lofti,


Very odd. I've tested it several times on multiple computers and each time, ALL the cache data is gone from the PC when I follow the steps in the How-To Tutorial you referenced above. When you open Firefox and Press the HotKey CTRL+SHIFT+DEL (or Click Tools, Clear Private Data) make sure Browser History, Cache and Cookies are checked. That should immediately nuke all history and cache on your computer.


On a separate note, there is also a method for manually deleting or reviewing your CACHE MANUALLY from the hard drive. To do this, Click in the Navigation Toolbar, delete the URL and type:





Once in the Advanced Cached section for Firefox, you can browse what is cached in Memory, Disk and Offline. It also lists the path to the Disk and Offline cache items. Feel free to open these locations in Windows Explorer or a CMD Prompt and manually wipe them if the Firefox Clear History/Cache tool is not working.


Also on the Navigation Toolbar the pull down Search History has 3 urls that also don't go away either when you do the Clear Private Data Tool or when you manually delete them?


Ah yes... This is VERY annoying. Sorry to say, it's a FEATURE of the new "AwesomeBar" aka - Navigation Bar. What I've found is any web pages you have browsed and added as a "Favorite" or "Bookmark" (Click Bookmarks, Bookmark this page ), those pages will not be removed from the Navigation Bar drop down. It's a very annoying feature. It's so annoying apparently that someone has written an APP to get them out of the "AWESOMEBAR" as Mozilla is not calling the new Navigation Bar in Firefox 3. The App is called - Hide Unvisited 3. I highly recommend it. I use it and it does the job your looking for.


That being said, one method to get rid of them even from the Navigation Bar History Drop Down is to Click the drop down on the Navigation Toolbar, arrow down and individually delete the entries using the DEL key.


Give those a try and get back to me on how things go!

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My firefox is getting slower everyday. It did better than chrome but now it is a complete mess as compared to the chrome. Does it has anything to do with clearing cache, which i just did few days back?


Clearing the cache should make it faster. Also, Chrome has been updating their browser and it is so subtle that you don't even notice you are running the latest version. The latest version of chrome is a heck of a lot faster than Firefox 3.6. So unless you're running the beta version of Firefox, Chrome will always make it seem slow.

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