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sometime, the downloaded file is false, such as movie, that we have only a 20KB or MB etc file after finishing but we did download over a GB file, why? can we aviod it that get a false file? either from a torrent or some hotfile etc server........


further, how can they do that, as the original file only 20KM but the final file was over a GB file? and rar file only have media file only with no otherthing else............

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umm as i understand, you're downloading torrents and u turn out downloading big files...

well, that's the way torrents work.

you download a .TORRENT file, and you open it with your torrent client(uTorrent, BitTorrent...)

and the .torrent file links the file you want to download, and download it via p2p....

the .torrent file is wayy less than 500kb...

im sry if u already knew this, but that's what i understood from your qwuestion

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