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Samsung SyncMaster P2370


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I'm thinking of getting a new monitor and the Samsung SyncMaster P2370 is my final choice. I've seen cheaper, I've seen more expensive, but I like this Samsung and it's got everything I need. Here's what the deal is:

> 23 Inches

> 1920x1080 Full HD Resolution

> LED Backlight

> DVI input

> Touch-Sensitive "Starlight" Buttons

> Ultra-Fast 2ms Response Time

Price: 409 BGN (That is about USD 272$)


What do you think? I love this monitor and I've heard great reviews about it. It's also designed for Windows 7, so it will fit my lifestyle perfectly. It also fits my pocket, so that's nice too! :D:lol::D

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I just purchased a SyncMaster B2430, I've found it to be pretty groovy so far. Only issue is Samsung needs to seriously reconsider their stand. It's... lacking. Kind of wobbly and the tilt doesn't seem to like tilting backwards, but as far as the picture quality goes, it's awesome. Although it did take me about 2 hours of on and off tweaking of the settings to get it where I wanted it - since then, zero issues.


I also have an HP w2207h which has a stand like almost no other. It can also rotate 90° which proves to be really helpful as a web developer.


As far as the P2370, I think it'll please you well.

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Thanks for your response, but I already got a Samsung BX2235. I decided to spend just a little bit more money, but get a 2010 model monitor with LED back light.


I know I will be criticized for not choosing a monitor with HDMI, but DVI suits me just fine. In any ways, it's DEFINITELY better than my old SyncMaster 710N (lol).


I was actually considering wasting my money on an Acer monitor. I can't really remember the model , but it was also Full HD, had HDMI (unlike mine), it had LED (if I'm not mistaking) and it had a unique design that just stood out. Unfortunately I heard a lot of bad reviews about it like the stand being unstable and all the problems the monitor had displaying deep black colors. People even told me that if you don't have the right lighting conditions the blacks may seem as grays all the time. So I just went for the BX2235...

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I know I will be criticized for not choosing a monitor with HDMI, but DVI suits me just fine. In any ways, it's DEFINITELY better than my old SyncMaster 710N (lol).


You won't be criticized from me. DVI for me works just fine. It's not like a TV (unless that is what your using it for) where you want to send both Video AND Audio over a single cable. For a TV that is very nice because you can get rid of a few cables and send the Video/Audio to your TV from your AMP from a single cable. But for a monitor?? I buy a monitor for the clear picture and screen size NOT the built-in-speakers. Even if it has built-in-speakers I would never use them since I have a $500 5 point setup mounted in my office anyway from Klipsch (spelling?).


So I think your good. ;)


And BTW - I love Samsung screens. Over the past 2-3 years I feel they are taking over the market both from a monitor standpoint AND the TV big screen market. Their LCD's are nicccccccce...

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