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Win7 with Synology DS110j


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Hello dear guru's,


Like I have said here before, im the proud user of a Synology DS-110j . This one http://www.synology.com/enu/products/DS110j/index.php. And I love it. I can do anything with it, whatever I want. But thats a completely different story.


Next to the NAS im using Windows7 Home 64 (legal) on a Toshiba 555-10t. (now running on 64 gig. Overkill ftw :D) And that also freaking rocks. But here comes the problem. And im guessing its a user rights problem and I have no idea how to fix it or where to look. I can acces my Diskstation from anywhere I want. I can acces Filestation to move files around or manage my downloads with SABnzbd without any problem. The downloads, but not only the downloads, anything on the diskstation, I cant do anything with them through windows 7 explorer. I need to acces the filestation app on the diskstation through Firefox to move stuff around. When I try to move or delete files in my explorer im being told by my laptop that I dont have the rights for that. But im the main user at my laptop. Even better, im the only user. So im the administrator of my own laptop. And thats what my laptop says to me. But working in the windows explorer is just so much easier then in the filestation app on the Diskstation.


What am I doing wrong?

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Guest poneil

Ok so your using Windows 7 Explorer to access stuff on the NAS unit AKA - Diskstation? That's the issue?


Also.... 64Gigs of RAM!!! Are you kidding me? HOw much did that cost ya?

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Yes, 64 gigs. woohoo :-)

My laptop is hooked up to the modem and DS-110 through wifi. So when i first tried to move stuff around on the DS with the normal "My computer" on the laptop, it didnt work, cause the laptop would work as some sort of buffer. So all the stuff was send over wifi twice. From DS to laptop and back.

Im using Firefox with the diskstation filemanager app to move stuff around. It works, and it works great like it should. But when i want to move stuff in "My computer" it tells me i dont have enough rights to do that. Even deleting stuff isnt an option cause the laptop tells me i dont have the rights. So, where do i add of change rights?

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