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Task Bar mass thumbnail display

Guest rwh03001

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Guest rwh03001



I recently upgraded to Windows 7 and there are a few things that are very bothersome which I have been unable to fix. One of the issues is the thumbnail previews on the task bar. W7 seems to group similar thumbnails together, so if you hover your mouse over one, it shows you a thumbnail of all similar items. Given the option to turn this grouping on/off, this would be a great idea. (sorry for images being displayed incorrectly. Click on them to get a better understanding of what I'm talking about.



However, the problem is that after 15 similar items, the thumbnails are replaced with a list of the taskbar windows, which is very bad for me. The irony is that I only need 16 windows, but the change takes place after 15. After 15, it looks like this:



While this might seem trivial, it makes a big difference to me. I tried re-sizing the thumbnails in the registry, but it still stopped displaying effectively at 15. Is it possible to set it so that W7 either shows thumbnails beyond 15 similar items or does not group the thumbnails together and only shows the one I'm hovering over (like it was in vista)? Any help would be much appreciated.



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Im geussing somebody loooooves poker :D


But on the serious side, ive tried this with firefox on and opening several tabs, but after 13 open tabs im getting a list of the open tabs, not the previews. Ive also tried it with opening new windows in firefox, but that gives the same result, but now after 14 windows. Ive tried it with IE x86, same result. And i didnt try with IEx64, cause.....well.....that just sucks. period.


So, here's one thing you could try, if your screen is big enough. If i right click my mouse, several options are displayed. But they are all in Dutch for the obvious reason. Im Dutch :roll: But one of the options says "Vensters gestapeld weergeven".


And i have no frigging clue how to translate that to english. Im guessing something like this

"vensters" = windows

"weergeven" = display

"gestapeld" = stacked


its something you could try.

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Guest rwh03001

Well, I don't know if I love poker so much anymore :( It was great as a hobby, but it's been my job for the last year and a half and it's not as fun when you have to play to survive. Regarding the "windows" "display" "stacked" those will re-size the windows I am using, but they unfortunately do not change the thumbnails. I do appreciate your response though, and I will let you know if I find anything that will fix this issue.

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