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How to add music to Windows Mediaplayer 12


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Ive got a Nas. A Synology DS-110j with a 2tb disk in it. Its completely configured as it should be with 4 main maps: Music, Video, Photo's (for Photostation) and Public. Im trying to get my libary in order and that means Im ripping my own cd's with WMP. If set the location to where WMP should put the music to //Diskstation/Music/ and that works great.

But when I open WMP the new added albums/cd's arent there to be played. In WMP theres only one Libary that works with wmp, and thats the //diskstation/music/ libary. But how do I get the newly added albums/cd's to be shown in WMP? Or do I just have to wait till the moment that WMP have found them itself?

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Sorry dude.... I wish I could help ya. I'm just to lame.


When you talk about libraries, are these the Windows 7 Libraries? Can you just create a new library to get them to show up?


I'm interested to hear how this works out. I've been wanting to get a NAS for all my media so I'm curious how this Synology product works out for ya.

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If you want a nas, dont look further, get a Synolygy. Its the best in its kind. It has the best options, the most options and best performance for a normal price. And if you can handle it, get a DS-210 or DS-410. hdd not included.


The nas does it work nice. Its the WMP problem im having. Cause new downloaded music isnt turning up in WMP playlists. And i cant find the option to "refresh" my list so the newly added music turns up. So ive turned to WinAmp. Problem solved.


And yes im talking about the win7 libarys. All my stuff is on the nas, including music. But when i click the music libarie in win7, it shows the music on the nas. Same goes for the photo's.


Btw, if you put your photo's on the nas, and turn PhotoStation on (standard on the synology) you can view your photo's from anywhere by just entering your ip and credentials. Very nice to work with.

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A library is just something like a specialized folder. You can store files in it, but it also contains shortcuts for files of the same type in other locations (such as your 2TB drive).

Try the folowing:

1. Open up WMP and select all of your music (Ctrl+A)

2. Press the delete key (Watch out! Make sure you select "Delete from library ONLY"!)

3. Close WMP and open it again.

4. Go to your music library and select all items (Ctrl+A)

5. Take them and drag them over to WMP (screenshot below)


6. Wait for the music to import.

7. Everything should be fine now.


Tip: When you download a new track it may not immediately show up in WMP. To get it in the library try to restart WMP. It will show up.

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