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DS-110j with Windows Media Player


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Ok, ive got a Synology DS-110j up and running. And it works fine. Very fine.


But theres one slight problem. If I open Windows Media Player i see two libarys. The one on my laptop and one on my ds-110j. Both are identical cause I copied the one on my laptop to my NAS, when I got the NAS working. Its my goal to stream all audio and video from the NAS to all my devices in the house. So far, it works fine. But I also want to put music from the NAS on my phone, despite the fact its attached wireless to my laptop. I just dont want the 500 gigs of music on my laptop anymore. But like everyone knows, the info you see in the explorer differs from the id3 info in WMP. And the info that shows in WMP is the info that I see in my phone while playing music. The problem here is now that I can change the id3 info on the libary on my laptop without any problem. But I cant change the id3 info in the NAS libary in WMP. None what so ever. Im getting the idea im doing something wrong.


Anyone any idea? Ok I could move the downloaded music (with SABnzbd, usenet) from the download folder on the NAS to the laptop and then change the id3 info and move it back to the nas, using the filestation from the NAS. But thats to much work, for something so simple.

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Right, I just had a realy good idea..... Ive disconnected my NAS from the network, and let my laptop search evertything else for any music files anywhere in the house on devices. The laptop didnt find anything what so ever. Weird huh :D


Well, heres the deal. I didnt pay attention to the fact that Win7 makes her own libarys and does that without telling anybody about it.

So when I open WMP it tells me that there is a libary within the network. And in that Libary I can change anything I want. Below that libary I see "more libarys". When I click that I can choose my own ds-110j. And withing that libary I cant change anything. But those two are the same, apparently.

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