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Looking for a good RPG out there. suggestions?

Guest kx3

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Guest Animis

I played The Witcher and it was a pretty fun (but very graphic) RPG. The best part about it was the moral decisions you were forced to make throughout the game.

Based on how graphic the game was, I couldn't recommend it to too many people but it had a good compelling story and functional design. It also had a lot of different things to do and could keep you busy for quite a while. The combat in this game was very good too.



I also liked Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion. It's heavily focused on the story line and solving puzzles, so much so I felt like the combat was really lacking throughout the game. There are about 100 different classes to play through the game and about 20 different paths to take, so playing the game in it's entirety could literally take years.



If you want to go Old School style and pick up a SNES emulator, I still believe Chrono Trigger is the best RPG that has ever been made. Most people prefer the Playstation 1 version of it, so that may be even better but I haven't played it.



If you have any inclinations towards Star Wars at all, Knights of the Old Republic is a very good RPG series. I have only played through parts of both but they were both good for what I did play.



I haven't played this one myself but Baldurs Gate is a huge top seller. Maybe someone else can tell a little bit more about this one.



Planescape deserves a mention too but I only played it for 10 minutes. It's really Diabloish though so you have to be into that.



Mass Effect was mentioned in a thread on here already, its my favorite!

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