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Issue with Last Modified date on files


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Question from groovyReader


I just read your post about changing the Last Access stamp in Windows 7. Can you also change the Modified date too? I'm noticing that as I copy and paste a more recent file over a file of the same name that the date doesn't update. Therefore the same file in another folder appears to be "older" than the one I'm pasting, even though the file itself is supposedly updated. Help!?!


Hi Beeggs,


I'm not sure if I 100% follow your issue. If you take the existing file and modify it in some way, does it's "Last Modified Date" not change?

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Sounds like the issue is that beeggs has made a file with a duplicate file name and updated it in another folder. Then he is taking this new updated file and pasting it over the original, but the modified date is not changing.


I'm not sure what would be causing this problem as it works fine for me. If you've done some crazy editing to your registry or installed some malware it could be a problem but otherwise I'll need some more information to solve this one.


Make sure you are selecting the option to Move and Replace. You'll see the updated date modified under the file and then you'll also see it reflected in the file properties afterwards.




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