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Thunderbird RSS Feeds In One Window

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Question from reader from the post "Add Rss And News Feeds To Thunderbird 3 [How-To]


Brent says:


Now how do you get all the feeds to show in one window…

Thanks for the help in at least getting them in Thunderbird


Hello Brent and welcome to the community.


Getting the RSS feeds into a single window is all about managing the subscriptions in the right way.


When adding an RSS feed if you put it into an existing "Other Account" and then add it to the same folder it will be shown in the same window.


Here are a few examples:


First the structure, under the Manage Subscriptions menu you'll see that when you add a new RSS feed directly to the account it creats it in a folder. This can be a bit tricky because in use the folders look like they are individual RSS feeds, especially since they share the same name.




If you want multiple feeds to appear in the same window you'll need to put them into the same folder. If you've already subscribed to them from within Thunderbird you can edit their location from the Manage Subscriptions Window




The end result is that your feeds will show up when you click on the one Folder, and you'll see which subscription they are from under the From category.




To add a new folder for your feeds, you can do some by right-clicking on the account name and selecting New Folder.




Hope this helps!

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