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Headphones w/ Mic for iPod Touch

Guest Animis

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I'm looking for a cheap but GOOD pair of headphones w/ mic included for the iPod Touch 2g.

I haven't purchased the 3.0 software update yet so I can't go bluetooth, but I kind of want a wired connection anyway since its cheaper.


I really don't want to spend more than $5, and there are A LOT of them available for under that price. The problem is that I don't know which ones are good and which ones suck.


If anyone has any reccomendations, I'm guessing iPhone headsets will work as work just as good with the iPod as they do with the iPhone.

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I'm assuming that you want a microphone to use VOIP-SIP (Skype, Fring.. etc) or you're a student who wants to record your teachers lectures. Depending on the use there are a couple different routes to go.


General Adapter Info

Nearly any headset/mic will work as long as it has a 3 black-ring adapter. That means you can count 3 black rings on the cords plug that goes into the iPod. Also the iPod touch only accepts 3.5mm plugs, but you can pickup converters from radioshack if your headset is a different size.




Keep in mind if you use a microphone only adapter that by default the iPod Touch will disable the speaker so you won't be able to hear. If you are going to use it to make calls this can be a problem, but with Skype their is a Speaker button included in the software that will re-enable it. Microphone-only are really only meant for voice recordnig and not so much calls.


The best microphone for the price is the Mikey, by Blue. [Amazon Link] It will run you $50-$60


The thumbtack microphone is a little bit cheaper and gets the job done too. [Amazon Link] It will cost you around $10


Earbud Headsets W/ Mic

This is a cheapy that works, although it has some complaints that the microphone won't work unless it is right next to your mouth. [buy.com Link] just under $6


Another cheap one. It works slightly better thant he one above according to stats and reviews. [buy.com Link] under $8


You can pick up a decent one on ebay for $6 [Ebay Link]

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Thanks Dexter,


Going for the ebay one - it had decent reviews on another site i found so let's hope it's not a set of ebay junk phones.


Worst case scenario... I lose 5 bucks


That'll teach me the lesson not to be cheap on headphones ehehe

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You can pick up a decent one on ebay for $6 [Ebay Link]


Purchased the ones from ebay http://shop.ebay.com/?_from=R40&_trksid ... t+with+Mic


They work great with my iPod Touch 2g!


Just got off a 45 minute Skype call and the sound quality was crystal-clear.


I would highly recommend not only the headphones but Everydaysource is a great ebay seller too.

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Guest Sarah Hastings

i Think ebay is the best site if you search for cheap gadget accessories, smart phone case and stuff. But I have no experience of buying a headphone or mic...but i think you should check it out.

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