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Logitech S510 Wireless Keyboard + Mouse Not working


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I can't get my wireless keyboard and mouse to work with server 2008. It's freaking me out!


I'm using the Logitech S510 desktop set.

The set uses a reciever hub that sits on your desk with green LED lights to communicate between the keyboard and computer. But when I have the thing plugged in, the LED's light up and then stay lit up. They never flash and it doesn't look like there is any activity with them.


The hardware on my pc is brand new, I just built this machine a few months back.


So in an attempt to fix it.


I downloaded setpoint480_x64.exe and installed the drivers.. Nothing happened

I tried running it in compatibility mode for Vista.. Nothing

I tried manually installing the drivers by extracting the exe and using the device manager... Nothign

I tried different USB ports... Nothing


Well I'm out of ideas, looking for some groovy assistance!

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I know it's been a few months since I posted about this but I wanted to follow up.


I contacted Logitech and they were pretty much a joke for customer support.


Their suggestions were:


(1.) Try a different USB port on the computer, shutdown completely and then load back up.

If that doesn't work (2.) reinstall the Logitech Setpoint software and make sure its updated to 4.2 or higher. (3.) If that doesn't work then check to make sure the batteries on your device are fully charged.


Well it probably wasn't hard to guess, but none of the above worked. I still can't get this stupid keyboard I spent $60 on to work and I still have no idea why. I tried to send in another support request but they closed my original and keep rerouting me in a circle every time I try to open a new ticket or refer to the original one.


I'm not very happy with Logitech... at all.

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