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Eliminate duplicate mails in Outlook 2007

Guest dominic

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Having finally set myself up wth gmail feeding Outlook, and made many mistakes along the way (in particular moving mails from All Mail to folders, seeing them reappear in All Mail, forgetting which I had filed and then filing them again!) I have many duplicate mails in folders. Any clever way to run a “cleaner” through all my folders to eliminate duplicates? Thanks

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Guest justinGP

Just remember, you NEVER want to touch your "ALL MAIL" GMAIL folder in outlook or outside of Outlook. Google really should have called this ARCHIVE, not ALL MAIL.


You should be moving files out of the Inbox folder instead. If you create a Label and Filters then you can move them out of those folders also (I think). Test it out and let me know anyway hehehe.




[GMAIL]\All Mail <---- All email arrive - It's the ARCHIVE DONT TOUCH THEM


[GMAIL]\Sent Mail




Inbox <----- All email arrives here also. This is where you should file them out of.

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Unfortunately deleting duplicates can be very difficult, although I didn't think merely moving them from All Mail to another folder creates a duplicate.


From what it sounds like there is just some confusion.


ALL MAIL is really what it says. It is a listing of ALL OF YOUR MAIL, regardless of what folder or location it is. So no matter where you move it to, it will always show up in your ALL MAIL folder.


However when you are in the ALL MAIL folder it should display a label next to the actual message telling you where it is pulling it from. (Unless of course you already have a label assigned to the message)


Hope this helps!

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