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Registry control problem in VISTA - FILE SHARE can't be turned off.


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I'm need to locate the registry commands that force VISTA's FILE SHARE access to stay shut off. The default status of FILESHARE in VISTA is suppose to be "OFF" (its set that way when the computer is first taken out of the box), so there IS a REGISTRY switch. I can't locate it. BACKGROUND INFO:Someone implanted code in my registry to control my FILE SHARE process. I know this for a number of reasons - not the least of which is that no matter what I do, I can't seem to permanently turn off "file share". I can accesss the command through CNTL PNL / Networking selection, and, it will appear to turn the process off, but when I reboot (or even just leave the computer in sleep mode for any length of time) FILE SHARING turns itself back on.

Some addiitonal clues: * Back when I first got my Acer 7720-6794 laptop (in July of 2008) my camera was turned on secretly by my landlord's son (he lived next door and had key access to my apartment) so he could spy on me. Later (while I was attending my son's funeral across country) witnesses state he and his brother-in-law entered my garage and stole thousands of dollars worth of my tools. * There are 2 "TMP" files I have no ability to delete. This should be impossible. Yet I get a DIALOG BOX message indicating these files are being used by another program (and therefore can't be deleted)- however NO OTHER PROGRAM IS RUNNING AT THE TIME. * TASK MANAGER has no control over certain running programs. * Sometimes my computer acts like someone has remote control of it.

Any help with this would be greatfull accepted. I am tired of these sick people and their intimidation and invasion of my privacy. Michael T

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