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Old files will not delete.


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I am using Windows 10  Lenovo Laptop computer.

I have found a whole load of files on my Hard Drive (pic 1) that i thought was deleted a long time ago, when i deleted the software.

They, or it ( Legacy Games), are not listed on my installed program list, so i cannot delete them that way.

I use Ccleaner (basic free edition), to patch up my pc, and to clear the registry of unwanted items, but after 5 months, the Legacy Game folders are still present.

I even went to the Hard Drive (C), and clicked on "Program Files", and "Program Files x86" to what was listed, and still nothing showed that Legacy was on my computer.

I have to inform you at this point, that i am not computer minded, and it was because i had a problem before, searched for the answer, and Groovypost provided me with what i needed.

Any help given would have to include a step by step detail of what i have to do to clear these folders.

Also, on the same note, but different program, there is also a folder on my desktop which will not delete, even by Ccleaner or any other method.

Again, this item is not listed anywhere as being installed, nor can i find it.

Pic 2 shows what is happening when i am trying to simply "delete" the "Legacy" folders.

If anyone can help, i would be very grateful/

Thank you.



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Hi @slymonkey123 -- Welcome to the forum.

First, this is not uncommon. Many if not all.... uninstall applications will leave artifacts of games and apps on your Windows system. They do this for several reasons, such as if you ever reinstall the app, perhaps you will want those saved games. Or perhaps you customized the app so if you install it, those old settings will remain.

It's a very bad habit from software makers but I won't get into that. Nothing we can do. 

On the blog, we've documented how to completely uninstall software which should help you. Granted, nothing is 100% but, the app we talk about will crawl your drive and registry and look for abandoned files and folders and registry entries etc...

Another tact you can try is good old file manager + a drive mapping tool. Here's the tool I use each time I do this.

However, be careful as you might delete something your system needs. 

Keep us updated on your progress!

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