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  1. I am using Windows 10 Lenovo Laptop computer. I have found a whole load of files on my Hard Drive (pic 1) that i thought was deleted a long time ago, when i deleted the software. They, or it ( Legacy Games), are not listed on my installed program list, so i cannot delete them that way. I use Ccleaner (basic free edition), to patch up my pc, and to clear the registry of unwanted items, but after 5 months, the Legacy Game folders are still present. I even went to the Hard Drive (C), and clicked on "Program Files", and "Program Files x86" to what was listed, and still nothing showed that Legacy was on my computer. I have to inform you at this point, that i am not computer minded, and it was because i had a problem before, searched for the answer, and Groovypost provided me with what i needed. Any help given would have to include a step by step detail of what i have to do to clear these folders. Also, on the same note, but different program, there is also a folder on my desktop which will not delete, even by Ccleaner or any other method. Again, this item is not listed anywhere as being installed, nor can i find it. Pic 2 shows what is happening when i am trying to simply "delete" the "Legacy" folders. If anyone can help, i would be very grateful/ Thank you.
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