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Cant' attach file from Desktop shortcut

Guest horselass

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Guest horselass


Using Outlook 2007 when you click on Insert then attach file and you choose where the file is located. Clicking on Desktop then on a Folder shortcut at that point instead of opening the folder so a file can be chosen the message comes up that says "only files or objects can be attachments". If you go the long way around to the network drive then to the folder then to the file you can attach the file but not using any desktop shortcut. The only desktop shortcut that works is "MY Documents". I have run Office repair which hung up and after 3.5 hrs I killed it. I then uninstalled and reinstalled Office 2007. Problem still there. It doesn't matter which user is logged on so it isn't a profile problem.

Thanks for any help and suggestions.

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Guest Joseph



So, I reproduced your experiment and unfortunately.... I didn't have the same problem as you.


Here's what I did:


Tested using both Windows Vista and Windows XP & Outlook 2007



1) Created a SHORTCUT on my Desktop that linked to \\Server\share

2) Created a new email and Clicked INSERT

3) With the new open box I navigated to my desktop, double clicked on the Shortcut I created in Step 1 above

4) The shortcut now took me to the server share and I selected a .jpg file

5) The jpg file was attached to my email. I emailed myself and the .jpg showed up in my inbox in my new email.


Now I did this using both Windows XP and Vista so I'm sorry but I just cannot repro the same problem you described above.


Perhaps there is something wrong with the shortcut? You might try to re-create the shortcut on your desktop.

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